Monday, 5 November 2018

Tanzania Government quest for spying on its citizens

Since 2016 the Current Government of the republic of Tanzania has stepped up its zeal and desire to know and control what its citizens say. Historically this was began just before the 2015 and the passsing of the draconian Cybercrime Act was a traffic light signal to all dissidents and freedom of speech lovers.
The criteria then being the coming elections and the need to be digitally aware and perhaps competent .
After the 2015 election s the current 5th Phase Government took it upon itself to use(read misuse) the Act  to crack down on any disssent or opposing view  as was winessed by many arrests of students  and people who could not have fathomed the evolving surveillance monster growing.
The purpose of this blog is to reveal some of this machinery shame the operators  and show that nothing exists in a vacuum. The very fact that the Privacy Bill slated to be tabled in 2015 has been sidelined since 2015  goes on to show that digital surveillance and invasion of privacy is vital to crack down on opposition, control the news, spread fake news and ensure fear and compliance are drummed into the heads of the wananchi(Citizens).
To that effect revealationone shall take it upon themselves to perforate and bust some of the operations and machinations currently.
We are not influenced by any foreign interest but as Tanzanians who  value privacy and freedom of alternative expression and understand digital technology .We shall resist ,teach and help victims of surveillance and monitoring in Tanzania. That includes almost all Tanzanians even those that think they are safe because they work in government.You are on the list. when you become a person of interest.The opeartors are still wet behind the ears and learning  but soon will be competent .
The victims in this case are dissidents, anyone with an opposing view to His Excellency the Burundian born President Magufuli of Tanzania.
Let me digress , _"watanzania hatukubali ku baguliwa kwa kutumia siasa, makabila  na technologia".
We are aware there is a new army of IT juniors being assembled and trained to man new cctv and intelligence operations  for which most of the old guard for one reason or another are gone .
What happens in these security organs however is of no consequence to us or our activism. Using technology to supress the rights of Tanzanians hatukabli kabisaa hasa sisi dotcom na wakonge wengine
We shall try our best and let history be the judge that when it was time to stand up against this opression we did our part.
 Tanzania  Government of Tanzania has used TCRA and some  of its organs to to spy on its citizens  and not just opposition. For starters  you Judges and Ministers , and even a Former President have been on this list.
The question I have to you young warriors in this area is how sure you that are not being monitored. You young guns at TCRA and Usalama ,dont you use android phones ? Do you know if you are communicatiing securely.That Yahoo communications you use from Ikulu . EGA website admins how sure are you we are not in your laptops .Hiyo vulnerable Ikulu Website  which can be taken down any time the  same way you bought hackers to take down Jamiiforum when Mange's mandamano date was approaching?
Kwa hiyo msithan kwamba nyie mmko sawa. RevealationOne will reveal and blowout your programs,
Hata hiyo Satellite phone anayo tumia ...<>
 The important thing is for the International community to know   hata mabalozi memngine walijaribu kudukua communications zao ila kuna moja wali faik vibaya. You think you can eavesdrop on Bell Communications or try and get USAID  comms ?
Watanzania wenzangu wasomi mtaeleza hi habari kwa wengine .

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